news from Ukraine: E-declaration system launched in Ukraine
Business11:15 Aug. 15, 2016

E-declaration system launched in Ukraine

Web site started working at 0.00 on August 15th

Ukraine's National Agency for Corruption Prevention has launched the system of electronic income declaration. The system's web site started working at midnight on August 15th.

Now each and every state official may fill in the electronic form to report on personal incomes. However, the documents uploaded cannot be used as a proof during court hearings, since there is still no certificate on information security. Therefore, there is no legal basis for bringing to responsibility those officials who provide the state organs with false information on income and property.

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Previously there have been problems with launching the system of the electronic declaration. Ukraine's State Service of Special Communication and Information Protection refused to issue security certificate to the system, insisting the software may easily be hacked. Numerous non-governmental organisations claimed the institution deliberately hampers the launch of the programme. The system of electronic income declaration is supposed to make the officials report publicly on their income. Providing false information would lead to punishment.

Vitaliy Shabunin, Head of Anti-Corruption Centre: "Those officials who oppose the launch of e-declarations are simply willing to hide their real income at the expense of visa-free regime and Ukrainians' general well-being."

Yehor Sobolev, Head of Anti-Corruption Committee of Verkhovna Rada: "Independent IT experts said there are no serious problems in the software. The system is absolutely reliable and safe and works properly."

The system of electronic declaration in Ukraine is necessary for the visa-free regime with the EU, as well as Ukraine's further cooperation with the International Monetary Fund.

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