: European Union is ready for additional trade decisions on Ukraine - Ukraine's Ambassador to the E.U.

15:56 May. 20, 2016

European Union is ready for additional trade decisions on Ukraine - Ukraine's Ambassador to the E.U.

E.U. and Ukrainian flags in Kyiv (UNIAN photo)

Kyiv says some duty-free quotas have already been spent

The European Union can grant a range of additional autonomous trade preferences that will apply to a limited number of goods. However, the Ukrainian and European parties are not planning to amend the Association Agreement as well as the free-trade area between Ukraine and the E.U. This is according to the Ukrainian Ambassador to the European Union Mykola Tochytskyi.

He stated that "The E.U. is ready to discuss autonomous trade preferences. Of course, it concerns only a limited range of goods", as the news agency "Evropeyska Pravda" reports.

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The Ambassador continued that the dialog with the E.U. on this matter is underway, though, a final consent should be reached later.

Tochytskyi also informed that the European Commission can provide Ukraine with additional tariff quotas on certain commodities.

"There are items where the European Commission is ready to give Ukraine the preferences now – additional tariff quotas on some goods duties for which will be null or reduced", he explained. "We expect the autonomous preferences will be granted for those commodities, duty-free tariff quotas of which are already used up".

He also expressed his hope that the decision will have been made before Ukraine-E.U. summit, which was delayed to September.

The head of the E.U. Delegation to Ukraine Jan Tombinski claimed that despite obvious achievements from the Association Agreement, the free-trade zone between the E.U. and Ukraine, which officially started on January 1, 2016, hasn't brought a great effect due to a structural weakness of the Ukrainian economy which is oriented on raw materials export.

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