Ukraine-EU Association Dilemma: How Dutch business benefits from EU-Ukraine deal

12:11 Nov. 24, 2016

How Dutch business benefits from EU-Ukraine deal

Ukrainian and Dutch flags are seen during a joint bike ride in Amsterdam (UNIAN photo)

The Trade part of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement became operational in 2016, the Netherlands is the only EU member state which has not ratified the whole treaty

Oleksandr Snidalov, a blogger and an activist of the Ukrainian community in the Netherlands, analyzed what leading Dutch media had to say about the Netherlands-Ukraine business ties.

None of the leading Dutch newspapers mentioned yesterday's visit of Ukraine's Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko to The Netherlands. Lutsenko had arrived in The Hague to take part in the Assembly of State Parties of the International Criminal Court, where "he discussed with an ICC prosecutor the prospects of joint investigation into the crimes committed during Euromaidan, in Donbas and Crimea."

Attention to the event was low with only some Ukrainian media saying that Lutsenko submitted evidence of Maidan crimes to the Court.

However, Ukraine was not totally absent from the news headlines. Dutch press reported on something no less important.

In particular, the media recounted how The Netherlands' economy benefits from the EU-Ukraine Association deal rejected by the Dutch in the April referendum.

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This topic has been mentioned by NRC, explained in detail by Het Financieele Dagblad, and Trouw devoted to the subject a good half of its front page.

All the materials gave the European Commission figures for the first nine months of this year. The report became a kind of sensation for the Netherlands, which (alongside Germany, Poland, Italy and Hungary) has found itself among the main winners of the trade part of the EU-Ukraine Association deal.

Specifically, the total trade between the Netherlands and Ukraine increased by almost 4 percent to 1.17 billion euros.

Trouw describes in detail how the Dutch cheesemakers, are already saving some EUR 500 million per year, considering that the export tariffs on many products will continue to reduce.

The Ukrainian exports to the EU are also mentioned. They increased last year by 5.2 percent, according to Brussels.

The benefits of Association were unnoticed only by populist AD and De Telegraaf, as well as and Volkskrant, which generally does not like good news.

De Telegraaf, nevertheless, wrote an article about trade and Ukraine, but the subject was human trafficking, referring to the latest incident in Kharkiv where a teacher attempted to sell a 13-year-old girl.

The Netherlands is the only EU member state which has not ratified the EU-Ukraine treaty after it had been rejected in the April's referendum. The issue will be high on the agenda at the EU-Ukraine summit, which takes place on Thursday.


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