: Kyiv convinces Brussels raising agri export quotas for Ukraine possible – minister

10:02 Jun. 24, 2016

Kyiv convinces Brussels raising agri export quotas for Ukraine possible – minister

Photo source: UNIAN

Taras Kutovyi says main goal to show 'Ukraine is a reliable and promising partner'

Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine Taras Kutovyi on the results of the annual Ukraine-E.U. agricultural dialogue held June 22-23 in Brussels told reporters the Ukrainian side had managed to convince the E.U. that the quotas for agricultural products supplied to the E.U. market were not constant numbers and could be revised upwards, an UNIAN correspondent reported.

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"I can clearly say that yesterday and before our today's morning meeting, we heard a clear answer that this issue was not to even be discussed. Today, two days later, as a result of intense discussions, it is already being discussed, and I think we were understood. I would not want our European partners to perceive specifications spelled out in the [Association] Agreement as frozen positions that can't be changed. This is one of the results I wanted to achieve, and we did it. European partners here in Brussels don't believe anymore that this is an unchanged position, and they take our position into consideration," said the minister.

At this, Kutovyi noted that the issue of quotas was not the purpose of the meetings, but he initiated it. "If at the beginning, our arguments remained unheard, at the end of our discussions at the meeting with Commissioner Hogan [Phil Hogan - E.U. Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development] were not just heard – they were understood. I will be very cautious in my statements, but the ice was broken, and I think that the issue of changes in the established quotas is becoming more real," he said.

According to his forecasts, specific results can be expected in the next three months.

Full story at UNIAN.

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