Goat cheese with French taste: Made in Ukraine: Belgian cheese
Business13:34 Oct. 6, 2016

Made in Ukraine: Belgian cheese

A farmer from Belgium has been mastering goat cheese recipes in the Lviv region village for over 15 years

Meet Bernar Villem - he is the founder of a dairy farm in Lviv region. Bernar makes cheese from goat milk and wonders why he doesn't have many competitors in Ukraine.

The farmer has lived here for ten years. Every morning - he starts with the same ritual. Bernar distributes the tasks to his local farm hands, he has very simple but strict rules of no alcohol and no skiving.

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"Every job is tough, but here with Ukrainians - everything is rather strange. No one wants to work - they seem to want to make money without working"Bernar Villem says. "Foreigners invest alot of money - you have to invest to get a profit. And those local people still want to live like they did in the Soviet Union".

Villem now has more than 800 goats.

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European farms rarely have possibility to let goats graze in fields or pastures - the land is far too expensive. In Ukraine - a farmer can afford to feed goats with grass and edible weeds. That is why their milk is so tasty. Bernard uses this milk to produce French cheeses. One of them is after the village he lives in. Bernard Villem is sure - every rural community should develop farming business, then there wil be no need to import meat and dairy products.

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