: Russia and Belarus go to court over gas debt dispute

18:36 May. 12, 2016

Russia and Belarus go to court over gas debt dispute

Dashava underground gas storage facility in western Ukraine (UNIAN photo)

Minsk claims Moscow doesn't want to set fair market prices 

Belarus refuses to recognise the debt for the Russian gas supplies which Kremlin says equals to USD 125 mln. Minsk and Moscow have a different understanding of the agreement between the two countries. This is reported by Belarusian Minister of Energy Vladimir Potupchik, according to Interfax news agency. 

The Minister says Belarus has fully paid for the gas in accordance with the contract signed by two countries.

"We don't have any debt. Russia is avoiding discussions on this issue. So now it's up to the court to decide who's right", Potupchik underlines.

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The Minister also adds Russia doesn't want to set fair market prices for the gas it supplies to Belarus.

Moscow officials, in turn, claim, Minsk has paid less than established in the contract.

"They have a four-month debt, it's more than USD 125 mln. This number is increasing every day", Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak says.

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Earlier Belarus stated the country had reasons to expect lower prices for Russian gas in 2016. However, the Kremlin reported, Minsk and Moscow failed to reach an agreement on the possible discount.

In May, Russian Gazprom energy company filed a lawsuit to the International Court of Arbitration regarding the debt.

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