: Russians spend half of their income on food

14:48 Apr. 19, 2016

Russians spend half of their income on food

An elderly Russian woman stands at a bus stop with exchange rates reflecting in glass in Moscow, Jan. 21, 2016 (AP Photo)

Researchers claim the fall of consumer activity reflects the current economic crisis in Russia

Russians spend nearly a half of their monthly income on food. According to a recent study by Russian Institute of Social Analysis and Prognostics, food along with liquor and tobacco products make up more than 50% of an average citizens' monthly spending.

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The authors of the research say the trend reflects the current economic situation in Russia since the level of population's regular income has fallen dramatically. Along with the increasing poverty rate, the households tend to spend more and more on the daily needs, like food and primary goods

The experts at the Russian Institute of Social Analysis and Prognostics report, in February 2016 the real income of an average Russian was 7% less than in 2015 whereas the poverty rate gained 2% and constituted 13,4%.

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The most negative trend, the economists add, is the constantly shortening consumer activity. It has become extremely obvious since the middle class started saving money along with the poorest social tiers.

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