: Ukraine initiates open discussion on dangers of Nord Stream 2 to Europe

14:37 Jul. 2, 2016

Ukraine initiates open discussion on dangers of Nord Stream 2 to Europe

A general view of central facility where the Nord Stream Baltic Sea gas pipeline reaches western Europe prior to the pipeline's official inauguration on November 8, 2011 in Lubmin, Germany (Getty Images)

Eastern European countries are against the planed pipeline, saying it threatens EU's future energy security

Ukraine suggests holding an open debate to discuss the risks of Nord Stream 2 pipeline construction to Europe.

"The countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe were opponents of this project. Italy has recently joined them. We hope that the stand of these countries and an open discussion of the risks that this project poses to Europe will allow us to stop the process," Naftogaz CEO Andriy Kobolev was quoted as saying by Interfax-Ukraine news agency.

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According to Kobolev, a number of European countries are ready to make a concession to Russia in exchange for economic and geopolitical benefits, but it carries the risk of destruction of the direct route of gas delivery from Russia to Europe through Ukraine.

"The Russian Federation banally offers political bribes in exchange for permission for the Nord Stream 2 construction. But if the pipeline is built, then the direct route of Russian gas supplies through Ukrainian territory to Europe will be destroyed. It will stop many pipelines in Eastern Europe and create discriminatory conditions not only for Ukraine," the head of Ukraine's state gas firm underlined.

Intended Nord Stream 2 project aims to build a Baltic undersea gas pipeline from Russia to Germany in order to eliminate Ukraine as a transit country.

Once Nord Stream-2 becomes operational, Gazprom may close down its gas transit also through countries like Poland and Slovakia, either completely or partially.

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The participants of the Nord Stream 2 consortium are Gazprom, German BASF and E.ON, French Engie, Austrian OMV and English-Dutch Shell.

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