: Ukraine's gas company to possibly work with Russia's Gazprom

18:10 Jun. 8, 2016

Ukraine's gas company to possibly work with Russia's Gazprom

Experimental-industrial development of natural gas fields in the Lviv region (UNIAN Photo)

Naftogaz Management: current contracts and conditions under review

Ukraine's state-owned gas and oil company Naftogaz offered the Russian gas monopoly Gazprom to consider an additional agreement which would allow Naftogaz to buy a smaller amount of gas instead of 3 billion cm a month envisaged by the contract between the countries.

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The CEO of Naftogaz Andriy Koboliev delivered that message at "Shuster Live" talk show.

"We suggested Gazprom an additional agreement (to the gas contract 2009), which will allow us to buy not 3 billion cubic meters of gas every month, as provided by the contract, but the amount and under conditions we need as Naftogaz company", Koboliev said.

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The Ukrainian gas corporation deems that economically reasonable price for Gazprom's gas would be "hub minus transportation", the price of the Russian gas at the eastern border of Ukraine without its transportation expenses to European hubs.

So, if Russia's Gazprom is ready to suggest a price lower than that of European suppliers, it will definitely be considered by Naftogaz Ukraine.

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