: Ukraine starts supplying dairy products to E.U.

20:14 Apr. 11, 2016

Ukraine starts supplying dairy products to E.U.

Dairy products (UNIAN Photo)

The first batch of Ukrainian cheese and milk to go to Bulgaria 

Ukraine starts exporting dairy products to the E.U for the first time ever.

The initial delivery was made by the Ukrainian group of companies 'Milk Alliance' as commissioned by the Ukrainian Trade House 'Nadiya' located in Varna (Bulgaria), UNIAN reports, referring to Serhiy Vovchenko, supervisory board head at 'Milk Alliance'.

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"The delivery is a test in order to study demand and taste preferences of consumers. Products will be available in stores focusing on the population from the CIS countries. The first store, which will be selling the 'Milk Alliance' brands, is called Ukrainka and located in Varna", the press service quoted Vovchenko as saying.

According to the report, the first batch of exports to Bulgaria includes hard cheese, drinking UHT milk and UHT fortified milk for children, and sweet cream butter.

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The European Commission granted 10 Ukrainian dairy producers access to the E.U. market, starting January 10, 2016. Earlier Ukraine did not supply dairy products to the E.U.

The companies that obtained permission to export dairy products to Europe include divisions of ‘Milk Alliance' (Yagotynsky butter processing plant and  Zolotonosha butter factory), ‘Lactalis' (‘Lactalis-Mykolaiv' and ‘Milk House'), ‘Milkiland' (Nedrigailov Cheesecake Factory and Romenskii Milk Factory, private enterprise ‘Ros, and Prometheus branch Mena Cheese), ‘Lustdorf',  Lviv cold storage facility and ‘Gadyachsyr'. 


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