: Ukraine to deliver one hundred wagons to Georgia by sea

13:23 Aug. 9, 2016

Ukraine to deliver one hundred wagons to Georgia by sea

Photo from UNIAN.

More than 400 wagons with Ukrainian export goods get stuck at Chornomorsk sea port in view of Russia's transit block 

Two cargo ferry boats are to enter the Chornomorsk harbour in Odesa region in southern Ukraine. Both vessels are set to load aboard one hundred wagons with goods in order to deliver them to Georgia. One of the ferries is supposed to take about 30 wagons to the sea port of Batumi in Georgia's south-west, the other 70 will head to another port city of Poti in western Georgia.

According to the Deputy Head of a ferry crossing Volodymyr Gerashchenko, the third ferry boat is underway. It is supposed to travel along an alternative route used for delivering goods to Central Asia, thus bypassing Russia's territories.

More than 400 wagons are set to be delivered to Georgia in the upcoming days, 269 heading to the sea port of Batumi, other 169 to Poti harbour. Numerous waggons and trucks loaded with Ukrainian export commodities got stuck on the border. Since Russia started blocking the transit of Ukrainian export via its territory, the amount of goods to be delivered by alternative routes has risen noticeably, sometimes causing excessive accumulation in the sea port of Chornomorsk.

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The officials of Ukraine's Ministry of Infrastructure stress Russia's aggressive economic policy against Ukraine has caused big delays in delivering Ukrainian export commodities to the outlets in Central Asia.

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In view of regular delays of goods delivery a joint sitting of directors of rail and ferry crossing is to be held no later than September 10th. The issue of the highest priority is regular traffic between the sea ports of Varna in Bulgaria, Poti and Batumi in Georgia, and Chornomorsk in Ukraine.

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