: Ukrainian Business Day in Poland: Cooperation deepens as EU-Ukraine Association Agreement offers new possibilities
Business16:37 May. 18, 2016

Ukrainian Business Day in Poland: Cooperation deepens as EU-Ukraine Association Agreement offers new possibilities

Russian aggression in Ukraine drives businesses to seek new trade partners

Association of Ukrainian business in Poland and the International Society of Polish Entrepreneurs in Ukraine have signed an agreement on cooperation in Warsaw. Russian aggression in Ukraine forced Ukrainian companies to seek new markets. That's why neighbouring Poland is becoming more attractive for business.

Andrzej Drozd, General Director, Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw: "The phenomenon of the last two years is that more and more Ukrainian companies transfer their assets to Poland or start production here. Moreover, they work not only in Poland but also use it as a launching pad for entering the EU markets."

Ukrainian businessmen have brought many new ideas to the International forum "The day of Ukrainian business in Warsaw".

Vadym Sen, co-founder SENV Group: "Our company has been working in Poland for two years. We work in the field of mechanical engineering, which it is required in all sectors. Honestly, Polish companies can't cope with the volume of orders. So, it's an opportunity for Ukrainian business to be very well represented here."

Yaroslav Romanchuk helps Ukrainian businessmen to find their niche and develop business in Poland. He says that Ukrainian goods can be really competitive in the European market.

Yaroslav Romanchuk, President of the Ukrainian Business Association in Poland: "Ukrainian businessmen are very active in IT sector, food and agriculture industry.

Our agriculture products are in a high demand. But we haven't learned yet how to present and make them attractive. As my Granny said about woman, who can prepare, but can't present a dish. And also small engineering and precision machining technology shouldn't be forgotten as attractive sectors also."

According to Romanchuk, the Polish businessmen in Ukraine have more experience than the Ukrainian businessmen in Poland. But they can share expirience with each other.

Margaryta Sytnik, Igor Antoniuk reporting from Warsaw for Ukraine Today

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