How the money is maid: Ukrainian media visits the National Bank of Ukraine's mint (photos)

12:21 Sep. 23, 2016

Ukrainian media visits the National Bank of Ukraine's mint (photos)

Banknote printing and minting works of National Bank of Ukraine (UNIAN)

A peek inside a banknote printing and mint house of National Bank of Ukraine

On September 22, National Bank of Ukraine's Banknote printing and mint house opened its doors to journalists. How to stamp and destroy millions of Ukrainian banknotes - the mint showed the specifics of its work.

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The mint was founded in April 1998, after the closure of the mint in Lugansk.

In April 1998, with the participation of specialists of the Austrian mint, installation was completed and the first phase of the project, namely, the production of commemorative and jubilee coins from precious and non-precious metals was officially launched.  

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