: Ukrainian Workers' Trade Union to be set up in Warsaw

18:58 May. 21, 2016

Ukrainian Workers' Trade Union to be set up in Warsaw

Warsaw - View to the old town with Sigismund's Column (Getty Images)

Around one million Ukrainians work in Poland 

Katowice hosted the foundation meeting of the Ukrainian Workers' Trade Union. The documents on the Union establishment will be submitted for registration soon. The Union office will be located in Warsaw.

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A new organization was initiated by Ukrainians, who complain of various types of job discrimination they face in Poland, and All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions, which aims to help them fight for their rights, Radio Poland quoted Peter Ostrowski as saying.

"Ukrainians, who often work illegally, don't enjoy even minimum standard labour rights and social security, moreover they are simply exploited and deceived. They are unaware of their rights and do not know who to ask for help ", said the director.

He added that sometimes Ukrainians even become victims of human trafficking.

Organizers expect the new Union to help Ukrainian employees meet conditions stipulated by the International Labour Organization, and help ensure minimum labour standards for Ukrainians hired in Poland.

Head of All-Poland Alliance of Trade Jan Guz and Chairman of the Ukrainian society 'Ukraine-Poland', professor, PhD Yuri Karyahyn signed a protocol on cooperation in Kyiv, on March 25. Thus, both structures have pledged to improve working conditions and try to increase salaries for Ukrainian citizens in Poland. Around one million Ukrainians are employed in Poland.

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