latest ukraine business news - page 6 -
Business20:39 Oct. 3, 2016
Ukraine significantly reduced gas consumption and does not buy it from Russia anymore
Business16:34 Sep. 30, 2016
EU has agreed to expand quotas for the Ukrainian exports of cereals, tomatoes, honey, fertilizers, footwear, electronic equipment, and certain metals
Business13:44 Sep. 27, 2016
Imports of passenger vehicles in Ukraine in January-July 2016 increased by 24% to 40,995 units, according to the State Statistics Service's website.
Business13:20 Sep. 26, 2016
Demand for cryptocurrency grows up fivefold during this year, says  Stanislav Podyachev  of bitcoin selling service
Business15:57 Sep. 23, 2016
Investment growth hits four-year high as confidence returns
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