Donbas war: Donbas: 130 mortar shells instead of disengagement, Ukrainian trooper killed

16:49 Oct. 3, 2016

Donbas: 130 mortar shells instead of disengagement, Ukrainian trooper killed

Ukrainian soldier shows remnants of the Russian mortar mine after the fire raid (Photo by ATO HQ)

Luhansk region faced massive 4-hours shelling by Russian proxies despite all disengagement talks, security conference disrupted 

The situation in Donbas escalates, spokesman of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine Col. Andriy Lysenko informs.

"The enemy is expanding the combat area and actively uses heavy weapons. This puts at risk the plan of disengagement of troops in certain parts of the contact line," Lysenko said.

The heaviest attack was noted in Luhansk region. Russia-backed militants commenced massive shelling of Ukrainian positions near the village of Krymske. This series of attacks lasted more than 4 hours and fired about 130 mortar mines. Nearby villages were also attacked during night time. 2 Russian UAVs were spotted over Luhansk region.

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Col. Lysenko noted, that Ukrainian troops had to open return fire to defend themselves. Nevertheless, 1 Ukrainian soldier was killed in action and 2 wounded.

"The enemy employed mortars and tanks. Given the systematic supply of arms and ammunition from Russia, militants shoot pretty tight," Col. Lysenko stressed.

By Ukrainian Intel data, during a last day Russia sent to Donbas 6 more tanks (half of them - T-80's), 2 "Grad" MLRS and 3 BMPs, 18 rail fuel tankers, and 6 covered platforms and trucks with unknown cargo.

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First Vice-Speaker Iryna Gerashchenko acknowledged one more essential moment: along with raking all agreements Russian proxies conducted illegal ‘primaries' and disrupted todays trilateral videoconference.

"Today videoconference of Trilateral Contact Group involving militants was scheduled, dedicated to security issues, disruption of arrangements on disengagement of troops and weapons at three designated sites of the contact line… The withdrawal of forces schedule is already violated by militants. Today their representatives also disrupted the security videoconference. And yesterday they conducted a "primaries" - a farce, without observers, the media, without Ukrainian parties and not withstanding the norms of Ukrainian legislation. It's Kremlin script directing them to one goal – escalation of the conflict," she wrote on Facebook.

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