Statistics of shootings in Donbas: 450 attacks per week in Donbas: Photos of Russian rockets unveiled

14:50 Aug. 29, 2016

450 attacks per week in Donbas: Photos of Russian rockets unveiled

Outcome of shooting village of Krasnohorivka with Russian 'Grad-P' rockets (Photo by JCCC)

Russian-controlled forces in Donbas fire at least 1800 artillery shells per week, targeting Ukrainian army and civilians

Ukrainian military revealed the statistics of the Minsk agreements violations in Donbas and published photos of remains of Russian ‘Grad-P' missiles, which hit Ukrainian village. Those were documented as evidence of use of weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements by Russian proxies, says press officer of Ukrainian side of Joint Center for Ceasefire Control and Coordination (JCCC) Vadym Bakai.

The experts of the center recorded a new fact of attack of the Ukrainian-controlled village of Krasnohorivka in Donetsk region with portable rocket systems ‘Grad-P' and 82-mm mortars. Shooting hit residential area of the settlement.

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Ukrainian experts stressed that the number of shelling of the civilian targets with heavy artillery, rockets and mortars have increased dramatically. ‘Typically enemy artillery is used in residential areas to create public indignation with the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Also, these attacks are provocative in nature and designed to put the psychological pressure on the local residents on the frontline, and to force Ukraine's Armed Forces to open fire. It certainly gives them a reason to accuse Ukrainian army in the usage of prohibited weapons,'press officer says.

JCCC also revealed statistical data as of August 2016, which shows that the average number of artillery raids by Russian proxies ranges from 36 to 67 cases per day. The main weapon used for this actions are mortars of 82 mm caliber. Also, Kremlin-controlled separatist forces use heavy mortars, artillery and rockets of ‘Grad' MLRS system. During a day militants use 230-280 mortar mines and 89-120 artillery shells.

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According to the Ukrainian side, Russian proxies violate ceasefire 400-450 times per week, among which there are 160-170 cases of the usage of weapons, prohibited Minsk agreements. ‘These figures are stable for a significant period of time, which indicates a trend,'Vadym Bakai stresses.

Previously observers unveiled photos of outcome of Russian shelling of Ukrainian town of Maryinka.

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