National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine on guard of addressing corruption: Another wave of tensions between Ukrainian state agencies
Crime16:28 Sep. 22, 2016

Another wave of tensions between Ukrainian state agencies

A conflict arose between National Anti-Corruption Bureau and Prosecutor General's Office over an arrested senior prosecution investigator

The conflict between Ukraine's National Anti-Corruption Bureau and Prosecutor General's Office, when their employees arrested each other, is in its 2nd month. Namely, on August 5, detectives from the Prosecutor General's Office came to the premises of the Bureau, searched and confiscated some documents. A week later, special task forces of the Bureau came to the Prosecutor's Office and a fight between two agencies' workers erupted.

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The National Anti-Corruption Bureau representatives say the case with the prosecution officer, who was arrested on September 22, has nothing to do with revenge. It is a normal everyday anti-corruption investigation.

The prosecution officer was investigating 5-million hryvnias (around USD 200,000) bribery allegations against a head of a village in Cherkasy region. And while searching the premises of the village council, he stole tickets for hundreds of litres of petrol. He is being accused of embezzlement.

The man is from the Department of special investigation of economic crimes at the Prosecutor General's Office. It's the same Department prosecutors were fighting with special task forces of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau and later dismissed by the Prosecutor General Yurii Lutsenko.

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"The tickets could be used for 350 litres of patrol. He is a senior prosecution investigator of the Department of special investigation. We initiated our inspection after the affected party claimed it"Svitlana Oliphira, the National Anti-Corruption Bureau press-officer, said.

Now, a pre-trial restriction must be chosen for him.

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