Russian war crime in Syria: Bellingcat: Syrian Red Crescent convoy was attacked with Russian bombs

12:57 Sep. 23, 2016

Bellingcat: Syrian Red Crescent convoy was attacked with Russian bombs

Russian OFAB 250-270 high explosive fragmentation bomb on Read Crescent Aid convoy attack scene (Bellingcat photo)

Russian bomb remains recovered from Syrian Red Crescent aid convoy attack scene

The Bellingcat team has been in touch with the Syrian Civil Defence unit closest to the attacked site, who recovered and photographed two pieces of debris, including the object which appeared to be the tail section of a Russian OFAB 250-270 bomb. In addition, an image showing the location of the debris was published, showing the likely entry point of the munition.

"Based on this it is possible to make an accurate identification of the munition debris recovered as coming from the tail section of a OFAB 250-270 high explosive fragmentation bomb. OFAB 250-270s are unguided bombs previously documented as being used by both the Syrian and Russian air forces extensively in their bombing campaigns in Syria. These bombs, originating from the weapons factories of the USSR and Russian Federation, are not used by aircraft manufactured by NATO countries, nor are they used by Predator drones," Bellingcat states.


"The identity of the bomb is clear from the above comparison, the only question that remains is whether it was Russian or Syrian aircraft that dropped it on the Syrian Red Crescent aid convoy," analysts summarize.

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Yesterday, Bellingcat published its report on the bombing of the Syrian Red Crescent aid convoy on September 19th. The report examined various aspects of the attack using open source information, like the comparison that appeared in images from the attack, first published by CITeam.


Earlier US blamed Russia for Syrian aid convoy attack"We hold the Russian government responsible for air strikes in this space, given that their commitment under the cessation of hostilities was to certainlyground air operations where humanitarian assistance is flowing,"White House deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes told reporters on Tuesday.

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