: Clashes in Yerevan: dozens detained or wounded

11:24 Jul. 21, 2016

Clashes in Yerevan: dozens detained or wounded

Armenian protesters clash with police officers near the area around a police station in Yerevan, Armenia, Wednesday, July 20, 2016 (AP photo)

Hundreds of protesters demanded to provide food for armed men holding hostages in a police station

More than 2,000 supporters of the gunmen have gathered in front of the police station in Armenian capital, demanding from the authorities to provide the hostage takers with food. Later protesters tried to break the police cordon. They pelted officers with stones. Police answered with stun grenades and teargas.

After on some protesters gathered again and started building barricades, using dumpsters. Some demonstrators blocked the traffic on several streets. At dawn, the police have dispersed the demonstrators once again.

More than 130 people were detained. 45 remain in hospitals after the clashes, 25 of them are police officers.

The standoff between the police and gunmen is lasting for 5 days. The militants stormed the Erebuni police station on July 17, killing one police officer and wounding six others. They continue to hold four policemen hostage. Assailants demand the release of their jailed leader Jirayr Sefilyan, an opposition activist who was arrested for illegal arms trafficking and arms possession in June, as well as to set free other political prisoners. They also want the president of Armenia to resign. 

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