Work of bomb disposal squad in ATO zone: Combat engineers have their war against militant landmines in Donbas
Crime14:17 Oct. 12, 2016

Combat engineers have their war against militant landmines in Donbas

Guns and mine detecting sets are must-have for deminers, however, not a total safety guarantee

Bomb disposal experts risk their lives no less than their army counterparts directly fighting with an enemy. Because militants act treacherously leaving hidden "deadly surprises" in the ground. They - landmines and tripwires - are exactly what deminers deal with.

It may be quiet there and no combat actions happening but deminers are always totally equipped. However, mine detecting sets don't safeguard in all situations because they sometimes cannot always locate antipersonnel mines.

The work of Bomb Disposal is to find out and deactivate mines. 200-gram TNT block is enough for that purpose. Deactivation takes place away from inhabited areas.

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As Bomb Disposal say, they mainly find anti-personnel fragmentation mines. And if a person trips it, a fatal outcome follows or that person can become disabled for life.

Even most experienced specialists can make mistakes.

"A deminer makes a mistake only once. And that's it"

Bomb Disposal technicians have their own superstitions. No photographing, showering or shaving before the operation. Only when the work is done, they can have a sigh of relief.

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Warfare with mines is treacherous. It's not a battle with heroic victories. They silently, without fuss and public recognition, daily win a treacherous enemy.

It's they who draw the line under wars. They eliminate last traces of war up to remains of shells even when combat actions are over.

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