Donbas escalation: Donbas ignited: Number of militant attacks doubled, soldier KIA
Crime15:00 Nov. 24, 2016

Donbas ignited: Number of militant attacks doubled, soldier KIA

Number of Russian proxy attacks growing dramatically, Ukrainian forces suffering new losses

Spokesman of the  Ministry of Defense in Ukraine Colonel Alexander Motuzyanyk reported today, Nov. 24, the total number of militant attacks in Donbas increased, as well as the level of heavy weapons usage.

Mariupol direction remaining the scene of fiercest fighting. Mariupol direction has seen 27 enemy attacks, including 10 with heavy weapons. Yesterday Ukrainian MoD reported 16 firefights in this area.

"On all fronts enemy's sniper fire intensified. Near Mariinka and on the coast (of Azov sea – UT) strong mortar shelling from the enemy continues. Given the systematic supply of ammunition from Russia, density of enemy fire increased – our positions suffered more than 200 hits," Col. Motuzyanyk stated.

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Luhansk and Donetsk areas, almost quiet the day before, has exploded during previous 24 hours.

"Enemy attacks were long and very powerful, so Ukrainian troops opened fire in response," MoD speaker explained.  

Yesterday Luhansk area suffered 14 militant attacks, including 3 – with heavy weapons. Donetsk direction has seen intense fighting in key hot spots – Luhanske, Zaitseve, Avdiivka, and "Butivka mine." 36 enemy mortar mines hit Ukrainian positions on the Svitlodarsk bulge. Total 7 enemy attacks, including 3 with heavy weapons, reported near Donetsk.

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During the past day, one Ukrainian soldier reported dead. He was killed in Mariinka during militant fire raid.

Yesterday MoD speaker reported 24 militant attacks in all directions, which caused 1 Ukrainian soldier killed and 3 more injured. Also yesterday the regular round of Minsk peace talks took place. Ukraine demanded Debaltseve back to make disengagement possible, and faced militant demand to release 700 criminals in exchange for 57 Ukrainian hostages.

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