Russian Aggression against Ukraine: Dozens of Russian citizens are prosecuted for waging war against Ukraine – Lutsenko

18:49 Aug. 22, 2016

Dozens of Russian citizens are prosecuted for waging war against Ukraine – Lutsenko

Ukraine's Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko speaks at a briefing in Kyiv (UNIAN photo)

Ukraine's Prosecutor General says most of those on trial are Russian servicemen

About 40 citizens of the Russian Federation are currently prosecuted for participating in armed hostilities in eastern Ukraine.

"In total, 39 citizens of the Russian Federation have been prosecuted for participating in the unleashing and waging an aggressive war against Ukraine," Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko told a press conference in Kyiv on Monday.

Lutsenko added that 31 of them are servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces.

Indictment papers have been submitted to the court in relation to Russian 10 citizens, with 6 of them have already been sentenced to 11-15 years in prison.

Earlier on Monday Ukraine's Prosecutor General announced that 18 members of the Russian government and the leadership of the Russian Armed Forces are recognised as the suspects in the infringement of Ukraine's territorial integrity and aggression against the country.




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