Kremlin's hostages: Epic fail: ‘Ukrainian saboteurs' in FSB video armed with toy guns (photo)

14:40 Nov. 12, 2016

Epic fail: ‘Ukrainian saboteurs' in FSB video armed with toy guns (photo)

Screenshot from FSB video on 'Ukrainian saboteurs'

Russian propaganda made epic failure trying to picture new hostages of Kremlin as Ukrainian intelligence officers

Volunteers of the international intelligence community attributed the guns of ‘Ukrainian saboteurs' shown on the FSB video, and those appeared to be airsoft game replicas. The video showed the search in the apartment of one of the ‘saboteurs' in Sevastopol and aimed to prove his heavy armament.

As reported, Russia's security service, the FSB, on November, 10 claimed it has detained another Ukrainian ‘sabotage group' in Sevastopol, Crimea, months after it reported of alleged Kyiv spec ops, exposed on the peninsula last August.

According to the report on the official website of the institution, the detained are referred to as a ‘sabotage-terroristic group' of the Main Intelligence Office of Ukraine's Defense Ministry. The report claims, the FSB has confiscated explosives, weapons and other ‘evidence', proving the criminal nature of the group.

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Later FSB released the video showing the arrest of one of the ‘saboteurs', and the arms, found in his apartment.

The video was analysed by the volunteers Kuzma Tutov and Mykhailo Kuznetsov, and ther findings were released on Informnapalm website. It turned out that the seized weapons are not combat ones, but plastic or metal replicas made for airsoft with clear signs on them, which could not be confused with real weapons. 

First "weapon" – airsoft gun AK KTR (CYMA CM040J), green arrow marks the wire to connect the battery. In this model it is under the cover of the receiver.


Airsoft gun Cp-3 ‘Whirlwind' (replica of Russian ‘Vikhr' special service assault rifle).


Air Pistol MP-654K (replica) of Soviet Makarov pistol. Pay attention to the two teeth at the back of the barrel. In Makarov PM pistol, as well as in the gas and traumatic analogues, those teeth are absent and FSB officers should know it perfectly.


‘Ukrainian sabotage explosives' are the airsoft grenades RGS-4 filled with peas.


Most evident proof – the gas bag for refilling airsoft weapons Puff Dino PDGG-1100 Green gas.


"Perhaps the ‘sensation' of ‘Ukrainian saboteurs' was designed to match the complete lack of thought in 86% of Russians. After all, they always believe in what they are said and showed by the Russian media on the orders of Putin's security services," volunteers summarised.

Nevertheless, by now Russian occupation administration detained 'saboteurs' for two months. Two of them are scientists, before the occupation, they worked as analysts at the analytical center Nomos. They did not support the occupation and had a pro-Ukrainian position. Third one, according to rights activists website Crimea SOS, is retired Ukrainian Navy officer - that's where the Ukrainian army insignia in FSB video come from. This fake 'spy case' could be used by Kremlin to halt of prisoner exchangelawyers suggest.

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