Explosion in NJ: Explosion near train station in New Jersey: video revealed

12:50 Sep. 19, 2016

Explosion near train station in New Jersey: video revealed

Explosion near the train station in NJ (Photo by Anthony DiLorenzo / Twitter)

Explosive device detonates in Elizabeth, NJ, while police robot tried to defuse

A homemade explosive device in a backpack detonated near the Elizabeth train station (NJ, USA) early Monday as authorities were using a bomb robot to examine the item, NJ.com reports referring to officials.

The blast occurred around 12:40 a.m. The explosion was not a controlled blast, but happened unintentionally as the robot was cutting the device, according to Mayor Christian Bollwage.

No one was injured in the blast, FBI's Newark division informs on Twitter. They described the finding as "multiple improvised explosive devices."

Authorities found five devices inside a single backpack near the train station, including one the that was detonated. After the explosion, press and bystanders were moved back because the four other explosive devices inside of the backpack were still believed to be live, Bollwage said. No other explosions were heard as of 5 a.m.

The incident unfolded after two men found the backpack in a waste basket on North Broad Street and Julian Place around 8 p.m. Sunday, the mayor said. The men took the backpack "because they thought it was of some value," walked for a bit, then saw wires and a pipe, dropped the package and notified Elizabeth police, he said.

Bollwage told reporters the explosives were originally found in the trash can about 300 feet from the door of Wally's Pub near the train station.

"If that pub was crowded and there was a lot of people there, it could have severely injured, killed and maimed many, many people," Bollwage told reporters.

As reported, on a previous day explosion in NYC injured 29 people.

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