News from Ukraine: FBI experts arrive at Sheremet's murder scene
Crime16:40 Jul. 26, 2016

FBI experts arrive at Sheremet's murder scene

Ukrainian-Belarusian journalist blown up in car on July 20 in central Kyiv

International experts are examining the site where Ukrainian journalist Pavlo Sheremet was killed in a car blast.

Along with Ukrainian police officers they check the stone paving and make numerous pictures. No one is eager to tell the media what they are looking for.

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The day before Ukraine's Interior Minister Arsen Avakov reported the workers of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation have been invited to join the case.

Ukrainian police press office promises to unveil the details, as soon as there are the first results to present. 

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Prominent Belarusian-Ukrainian journalist Pavlo Sheremet was killed in a car bomb blast in central Kyiv on July 20. The outspoken critic of leaders in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine died on his way to work. He was driving a car to host his morning radio show. The car belonged to his partner, Olena Prytula, the owner of the news site Ukrainska Pravda.

Police said an explosive device of 400-600 grams of TNT equivalent ripped the automobile apart, and was possibly detonated remotely. Ukrainian authorities vowed to find and bring the perpetrators to justice. The local investigators are already joined by their colleagues from FBI.

The investigators say, the murder might have been connected with his professional activities, personal motives, assassination attempt on Sheremet's partner Olena Prytula, or an intent to destabilize the situation in central Ukraine - the 'Russian trail'.

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