News from Germany: Germany Under Wave of Terrorist Attacks: One dead and 12 wounded in Ansbach, Bavaria
Crime18:32 Jul. 25, 2016

Germany Under Wave of Terrorist Attacks: One dead and 12 wounded in Ansbach, Bavaria

Syrian migrant caused a blast outside concert site, reported to have been psychiatric patient

Germany is under terrorist wave. Sunday evening, July 24, a 27-year-old Syrian blew himself outside music festival in the town of Ansbach in the federal land of Bavaria in southern Germany. No victims except for the terrorist are reported, 12 people are said to be wounded.

This is the fourth event during the last week occurring in Germany. Earlier that day a man armed with a knife attacked people in the south-western town of Reutlingen. Before being neutralized he killed a pregnant woman and wounded two more people around. The assailant is allegedly a Syrian migrant who was looking for a refugee status in Germany.

Nine more people died in the shooting in "Olympia" city mall in Bavarian capital of Munich on Friday evening, July 23. An 18-year-old man of Iranian origin came to the shopping centre, having previously invited a good deal of people to join him through social networks. The shooter used the fake account of a young Turkish woman to attract more young people. On coming two hours later than defined, he started shooting, leaving 9 people dead. In the end the assailant shot himself to death.

Later the police officers unveiled the Iranian guy had been treated of clinic depression and was obsessed with mass shootings. Later the video expertise showed he was arguing with a man before starting firing people. The gunman complained he had been bullied at school and is now looking for revenge. Later the police supposed the shooting was obviously linked to Norwegian criminal Anders Behring Breivik who shot 77 people in 2011.

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On July 19, a 17-year-old Afghan guy attacked the passengers of the train with an axe and a knife. After an alert signal the driver stopped the engine. On having arrived at the site, the police officers shot the assailant dead. 20 people are said to have been wounded so far.

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