: Gyumri massacre: Russia sued by relatives of Armenian family

17:59 May. 27, 2016

Gyumri massacre: Russia sued by relatives of Armenian family

Nineteen-year-old Russian conscript Valery Permyakov is seen during the first day of the trial at a court in Gyumri, Armenia on December 18, 2015. (Getty Images)

In 2015, Valery Permyakov slaughtered the Avetisyans in Armenian Gyumri, including two children 

Relatives of the Avetisyan family, massacred by Russian soldier Valery Permyakov, have filed a civil lawsuit against Russia. Moscow is accused of several crimes, according to the complainants' lawyer. The attorney says, the experts established Permyakov, who already confessed to killing the family, was suffering from a mental disability.

"Russia has committed a crime when it allowed a person with mental disorder to enlist in the army," lawyer Aramazd Kiviryan said, according to news agency Armenia Today.

The relatives also hold Russian military responsible for permitting Permyakov to serve in Armenia.

"More so, his chief knew about his disability, and still decided to provide him with a service weapon. Factually, Russian military reps also committed a number of crimes," the lawyer added.

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The overall amount of compensation the relatives want is EUR 450,000. 50,000 or each of five members of the family, and another 200,000 for the two children, killed by Permyakov.

The Avetisyan family, including their little daughter, were found dead in their home in Gyumri in January 2015. Their other child, a six-month-old boy was found severely wounded and later died in the hospital. Armenia accused Russian soldier Valery Permyakov of the murder. The soldier was convicted to 10 years in prison.

The atrocity triggered national protests against the Russian military base in Gyumri.

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