: Hacker attacks targeting Ukrainian companies planned in Russia

16:23 Jul. 27, 2016

Hacker attacks targeting Ukrainian companies planned in Russia

Infrastructure power grid cyberttacks (AP Photo)

The preparation stage lasted at least half a year - National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine

Hacker attacks harmed Ukrainian energy companies as well as other big plants and of the nationwide TV-channels. The attacks were traced to Russian servers. National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) has found evidence that Russian programmers wrote scumware for those attacks.

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The evidence includes viruses' ability to work with the Cyrillic alphabet. Moreover, a Russian citizen on a programmers' forum distributed the prototype of such harmful program in 2007.

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Head of Informational Security Service of NSDC Valentyn Petrov told in an interview for ZDF TV-Channel that cyberattacks are a real threat to Ukrainian security. At the same time, Russian cyber aggression is just a demonstration for Europe, says Petrov. Moscow wants to show its cyber weapon and intimidate other countries. 

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