Donbas war: Heavily armed militant "fulfilling Russia's sacred mission" killed in Donbas (photo)

13:38 Oct. 21, 2016

Heavily armed militant "fulfilling Russia's sacred mission" killed in Donbas (photo)

The items found with the body of Russian militant killed near Donetsk (by ATO HQ)

'Russian invader', killed near Donetsk, handed over to his cronies for burial

Ukrainian troops handed over the body of killed Russian mercenary to Kremlin-backed militants at "Maryinka" checkpoint in Donbas, Anti-Terrorist Operation HQ informs. The operation which was the part of the humanitarian project of the Armed Forces of Ukraine ‘Evacuation 200' was commenced despite yesterday's shelling of the checkpoint by militants, HQ stressed.

Ukrainian military press service called the deceased militant ‘another Russian invader'. It is known that he was in his 40s and heavily armed with assault rifle with grenade launcher attached. The man was killed on October, 17th while attacking the Ukrainian positions in the village of Vodiane.


The body was found on a battle scene after Ukrainian fighters repelled the attack. He had no documents, only a notebook with a bullet hole through it, which implied his Russian origin. It consists of tactical schemes of small units order of battle and ideological notes with the reasoning of war against Ukraine and even the whole world. There is no word there on ‘people's republics of Donbas', but only about ‘sacred mission' and ‘spiritual exclusiveness' of Russia, which allows it to attack another country and ‘take culture there'.

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"Sacred Mission of Russia – is to preserve the [Russian] culture, restore and develop her own example showing the world how to live as a creator, educating the younger generation not only about themselves but also about their homeland – State. Russia is the spiritual center of the planet," the notes read.



"Analyzing records in the notepad, a few pages were, with virtually no corrections are purely military terms and information on fighting, the impression that it was a well-prepared piece of material provided by Kremlin curators to speak in front of TV cameras or to other deceived people who came to Donbass to protect the "spiritual center of the planet" from Banderites," ATO press-center states.

With the Ukrainian Military handing over of the body, they are aiming to return dead militants to their families for burial and getting possible help from the country, which send them here, Ukrainian military explained.

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"In this case, despite the fact that people fought against our country, Ukraine is following Christian principles and international standards, so the body after appropriate examination was passed for further burial to the relatives without delay," press-center stressed.

As reported, on the same day this militant was killed, a Russian warlord was blown up in his house's elevator in Donetsk A month ago Russian army colonel Osipov was killed in Luhansk.

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