: Hostage standoff continues for the third day in Armenian capital
Crime13:58 Jul. 19, 2016

Hostage standoff continues for the third day in Armenian capital

Three people remain as hostages inside a seized Erebuni police station in Yerevan

Authorities negotiate a release of the remaining hostages. They are General Vartan Yeghiazarian, Colonel Valeri Osipian, a deputy head of Yerevan's police department, and one more deputy police chief. 

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Police have deployed more personnel in front of the building after a protest, organized by opposition the night before.

Hundreds of opposition supporters gathered on Freedom square and planned to march towards the seized station. They were stopped by police and arrests were made. 

The standoff started July 17. More than a dozen of gunmen stormed police headquarters at dawn. They killed one policeman and wounded several more. Four people remain in hospital.

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Initially, armed men took nine people hostage, but five of them were released amid negotiations. The insurgents demand the release of Jirayr Sefilian, the leader of the Founding Parliament opposition movement, who was arrested last month on charges of illegal acquisition and possession of weapons. They also want President Serzh Sargsyan to step down.


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