Maidan probe: Murders during Revolution of Dignity: who's punished?
Crime17:57 Nov. 24, 2016

Murders during Revolution of Dignity: who's punished?

Who was punished? How  does the probe proceed? Where is the truth? All these questions still hurt millions of people in Ukraine.

Three years on, Ukrainians still wait for criminals to be sentenced. Last Friday, three weeks earlier than planned, the General Prosecutor's Office interrogated the President. The talks lasted for 6 hours. Yet, it is still unknown whether Petro Poroshenko's answers would lead to ending the probe - and to punish the guilty.

The mother of the first journalist killed, V'yacheslav Veremiy, said that he worked at Maidan from the very beginning of the protests. 

"I called him and asked - son, where are you? at maidan, he replies. I say - sonny, run from there! Why? Cause I have a bad feeling..." - tell the woman.

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Mothers premonitions came true. In less than an hour her son was attacked by so-called titushki. He was heavily beaten with kicks and clubs and all because he was filming them on his camera. Like that wasn't enough, one of the assaulters shot Veremiy in the back. The crime was picked up by four CCTV cameras, with all the horrific details.

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Five months later, police have finally established who the gunman was: Dmytro Sadovnyk, an officer of the so-called "black squadron" with the notorious Berkut, riot police department. According to previous investigation data, he personally killed at least 39 people out of the Heavenly Hundred.

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At first, Sadovnyk was arrested and put into custody. But soon afterward he was released on bail. In just two weeks he somehow took off the electronic bracelet and ran away. 

This is how the investigators lost one of the main figures of the probe. The judge who let him out of prison has not yet been punished. Like all those judges who were involved in the repressions of the Maidan participants. During the last three years of investigating Maidan cases - not one person has been convicted or sent to jail. As a matter of fact, all the main suspects have already fled the country.

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Yet, there are even more reasons why these crimes have not been finalized. Ukraine has only one microscope for any ballistic tests. And a long waiting line to use it. Without these tests, it is impossible to prove who the killer was. As a result, the bullets that killed the activists are not even on this waiting list.

In 2015, a special investigation department was created for all Maidan probes but recently closed. So now, three years later, there is the answer - why the killings of more than a hundred people remain unsolved: no suspects, no assets, and no investigators.

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