Donbas purge: Kremlin liquidates militant 'officials' connected to ‘Novorossiya' project

14:57 Nov. 9, 2016

Kremlin liquidates militant 'officials' connected to ‘Novorossiya' project

Ukrainian negotiator Yuri Tandit (right) and future head of SBU Vasyl Hrytsak during parley with militants’ representative, 2014 (by SBU)

State Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has information that Russia destroys the pro-Russian separatist leaders in Donbas

Bloody purge among pro-Russian militants in parts of Donbas that are not controlled by Kyiv is being inflicted and directed from Moscow, the adviser of the SBU head and Ukraine's top negotiator Yuri Tandit told LІ

"What is happening now, confirms that people who are self-appointed ‘authorities' of the so-called pseudo-republics, they always fight each other," Tandit said.

He stressed that whatever happens, the Kremlin has ultimate influence on the situation.

"The main impact goes from Russia and, of course, it is clear that in fact there is no ‘Little Russia', no ‘New Russia' (i.e. ‘Novorossiya' – UT), and those who were related to this fake entities, they are actually destroyed," official pointed.

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According to LІ, some Russian proxies who were close to one of the leaders of the Luhansk-based militant groups Gennady Tsypkalov were captured by other militants and thrown behind bars a few days ago. In turn, Ukraine Today reported about new wave of internal purge with mass arrests of militants in Donetsk and Horlivka.

On September 24 SBU announced that the militants still have a chance to avoid repeating the fate of one of the separatist's leaders Gennady Tsypkalov – by giving up and defecting to the Ukrainian side. As Ukraine Today reported, ex-Luhansk 'Prime Minister', arrested by separatists, was declared dead due to ‘suicide'

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