: Kyivan judge caught on a bribe of USD 150,000

12:19 Aug. 10, 2016

Kyivan judge caught on a bribe of USD 150,000

Kyivan judge caught on a bribe of USD 150,000 (Source: National Anti-corruption Bureau)

National Anti-corruption Bureau seized thousands of dollars in cash from Mykola Chaus, a controversial judge.

This is the first such operation, organized exclusively by Anti-corruption Bureau and Special Anti-corruption Prosecutor Office.

Mykola Chaus demanded a bribe to make a positive decision in a case of a suspected drug dealer. Now he faces from eight to twelve years in jail and deprivation of property. Yet, there are obstacles preventing the punishment.

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First, the judge could not be detained because of immunity. As a rule, Verkhovna Rada holds a meeting and decides on stripping of immunity. But the parliament is on vacation right now.

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Second, the officers could not serve Chaus with charges, as the document must be signed by Nazar Kholodnytsky, head of Special Anti-corruption Prosecutor Office. He is now on a business trip abroad. Officers have already sent him the papers. Kholodnytsky will return to Ukraine today in the evening and sign them.

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Tomorrow, on August 11, Anti-corruption Bureau will turn to the Supreme Court to ask for help. The Head of the Court could then ask Verkhovna Rada to strip the judge of immunity.

Mykola Chaus is well-known in Ukraine for ill-judging during Maidan events. He also handled a case of Gennadiy Korban, head of UKROP party. Chaus called off the search for Yuriy Ivaniushchenko, a crime lord that became an oligarch and a friend of ousted president Yanukovych. Ivaniushchenko successfully escaped abroad. 

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