: NGO leader who supported Maidan revolution accused of helping Berkut officers flee Kyiv

13:22 Jul. 27, 2016

NGO leader who supported Maidan revolution accused of helping Berkut officers flee Kyiv

Berkut riot police at Grushevskogo street, Kyiv, January 22, 2014 (UNIAN Photo)

The suspect also helped to get rid of evidence of mass shootings at Maidan, says Prosecutor General's Office

According to Head of the Department of Special Investigations at the Prosecutor General's Office Serhiy Horbatyuk, the escape was facilitated by one of the leaders of NGO "Nichto Krim Nas" (No one but us).

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The NGO says that Prosecutor General's Office suspects on of their leaders Oleksandr Kovalyov in committing the crimes. Police delivered him the notification of suspicion. The gravity of crime does not provide for a pre-trial arrest.

Nikhto Krim Nas is a non-governmental organization that unites veterans of the Soviet Union's war in Afghanistan to provide for a social protection of the veterans and their families. The members of the organization were among the Maidan protesters.

Prosecutor General's Office earlier said that a person, who was a member of Maidan protest movement, was responsible for hiding evidence, drowning weapons used to kill protesters on Feb 20, 2014, and helping the "black hundred", riot police unit, to escape.

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On July 14 the Prosecutor General's Office conducted a search at the premises of several people, suspected of assisting the Berkut unit members to escape after the massacre in the Kyiv center.

The Revolution of Dignity lasted from November 2013 until February 2014. The protests started when then-president Viktor Yanukovych suspended the implementation of an association agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. After months of protests, Yanukovych was ousted and fled the country.

Over a hundred protesters were killed during the uprising, and over 150 – have disappeared. 

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