Donbas war escalation: Major escalation in Donbas: 68 militant attacks, artillery and armour used
Crime12:48 Oct. 5, 2016

Major escalation in Donbas: 68 militant attacks, artillery and armour used

Russian proxies doubled the number of attacks and fire raids, Luhansk area is the main battle scene

Donbas sees a serious escalation of heavy shelling in the Luhansk sector, press centre of the Ukrainian Anti-Terrorist Operation HQ reports. Russian proxies attacked Ukrainian army positions in Donbas 68 during the day, hitting Luhansk region 36 times, Mariupol sector – 19 times, Donetsk sector – 13 times.

The Luhansk sector, which was to be the scene of disengagement of the troops according to the latest agreement, turned into a major battlefield. Russian proxies used small arms, machine guns, grenade launchers, anti-aircraft guns, 120mm and 82mm mortars, 122mm artillery and infantry fighting vehicles to attack Ukrainian troops.

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In the Donetsk sector, Russia's hybrid military forces attacked with light arms and heavy 120mm mortars, the hottest point in the area was the town of Avdiyivka. In the Mariupol sector militants attacked with anti-tank rockets, and commenced firing on the villages of Talakivka and Lebedynske using 82mm mortars and infantry fighting vehicles. Ukrainian troopers also spotted one Russian UAV over Donbas.

As reported, yesterday Russian proxies also attacked numerous locations in Donbas, but general number of incidents was only 32. A day before withdrawal of troops was thwarted by militants.

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