Russia in Donbas: Motorola was shot and then blown up?

15:07 Nov. 30, 2016

Motorola was shot and then blown up?

Militants mourn their killed comrade Motorola, October 19, 2016 (GettyImages Photo)

New 'report' stirs up rumors around death of Russian warlord

Russian mercenary in Donbas Arseniy Pavlov, also known as Motorola, and his bodyguard could have been shot dead in the elevator, with the two bodies being blown up afterwards in an apparent attempt to cover the details and blame ‘agents from Kyiv'.  

This is according to Ukraine's news agency Ukrinform, which claims to have seen ‘a report' of the ‘forensic expert center' of the militant ‘Interior Ministry', allegedly obtained by Ukrainian hackers.

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According to the report, the militants found 5.45 mm bullets, several grenades, a Makarov handgun and an AK-74 at the site, in addition to personal weapons of the killed combatants.

The bullets and other discoveries were taken away by the so-called military prosecutors and ‘the Ministry of the state security'. Chief of the ‘forensic expert center' claimed the findings were not examined.

‘The organization of such an operation in the middle of occupied Donetsk as well as the attempts of the militant so called law enforcers to conceal all aspects might mean Russian special services were involved in terminating yet another commander, who had known a lot or gone against the policy of the Russian authorities', ex-officer of a Ukrainian special service told Ukrinform.

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In October Donetsk militants announced the death of warlord Pavlov, saying he was blown up in the elevator in his house.

Ukraine and the separatists accused each other of organizing the assassination. 

The above-mentioned report and the original article are available at the link (in Ukrainian) 

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