Russian aggression in Ukraine: Number of explosions in Donbas increased - OSCE

12:08 Aug. 17, 2016

Number of explosions in Donbas increased - OSCE

(UNIAN Photo)

Special monitoring mission of OSCE recorded more than 300 explosions in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Intense fighting noted in the area of Yasynuvata-Avdiivka

The SMM observed an increase in the number of ceasefire violations recorded in Donetsk region, in particular, the number of explosions. Positioned in "DPR"-controlled Yasynuvata (16km north-east of Donetsk) the SMM recorded approximately 300 explosions in areas to the west and south-west, most of which were undetermined though some were assessed as caused by mortar, automatic-grenade-launcher and armoured-personnel-carrier cannon (BMP-1, 73mm) fire.

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The SMM heard explosions it assessed as 12 outgoing mortar rounds 5-7km west-north-west and their impact 2-3km south-south-west; five outgoing mortar rounds 3-5km south and their impact 3-5km south-south-west; four outgoing mortar rounds 5-6km south and their impact 2-3km south-south-west. The SMM also recorded (uncountable) heavy-machine-gun and small-arms-fire throughout the day on both sides of the contact line.

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