Children arrests in Donbas: OSCE is to investigate detention of teen ‘terrorists' in occupied Donbas

12:37 Sep. 15, 2016

OSCE is to investigate detention of teen ‘terrorists' in occupied Donbas

Detained teenagers (Screenshot from a video)

Seven teenagers arrested on Monday, are said to be guided by Ukrainian intelligence  

The first deputy speaker of Ukrainian Parliament, MP Iryna Gerashchenko already asked the OSCE and United Nations UNICEF fund to investigate the situation and to inquire whether the children were tortured. This detainment will also be discussed at the next Minsk meeting on September 21.

As for today, representatives of international organizations did not meet the arrested teenagers. The OSCE, answering the UT request, said: "We are aware of media reports on the above-mentioned allegations. We are currently looking into the situation and are in contact with other relevant international organizations as well as interlocutors on the ground."

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The Russian proxies claim that on Monday, September 12, they arrested seven teenagers aged from 15 to 18 years old. They supposedly were blowing up cars and military targets during a year. Russian media say they are also involved in derailing a cargo train in February 2016.

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According to those who arrested teenagers, the boys' group had an instructor – Ihor Ritsko, ex-deputy commander of Aidar battalion. Ukraine denies any ties to the situation and demands full investigation.

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