: People sentenced to life imprisonment get a chance for release
Crime18:34 Mar. 16, 2016

People sentenced to life imprisonment get a chance for release

According to the new "Savchenko" law the sentence period may be re-estimated 

People sentenced to life in prison got unexpected chance for freedom. According to a newly passed "Savchenko" law every day spent in remand may be considered as two. The first to apply for pardon were the condemned to life imprisonment. In spite of the entitling law the court mainly rejected their requests.

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Viktor Yurchenko killed two people and attempted to kill two more. But now he sincerely hopes to get the desired freedom, if his remand period is re-estimated.

Viktor Yurchenko, sentenced to life in prison: "I am strongly convinced the prisoners have to be pardoned. And it is not only because I'm sentenced to life imprisonment."

Ruslan Khudoliy murdered 29 people. The man says he has no chances, since the crimes committed are too severe. Additionally, the victims' relatives might strongly oppose the implementation of the law.

Ruslan Khudoliy, sentenced to life in prison: "I will not even apply for the pardon, since nobody will let me out. Surely, everyone in this prison wants to get out. But the victims' relatives are mainly against any releasing."

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Those condemned to life behind bars are said to live in severe conditions. They do not have the right to work and are only allowed to exit their cell once a day. The human rights' activists claim it is not fair whereas the lawyers are sure the amendment is aimed at letting some precise people out of prison.

Petro Boyko, Lawyers' Union Vice-President: "They call it "lessening the evil". But in fact this new law simply lets numerous villains out. If the authorities are preoccupied with the conditions the prisoners are kept in, let's make them better. Everyone has the right to be judged fairly, but pardoning the killers endangers the society in general."

During Leonid Kuchma's time in power, former Ukrainian president pardoned more than 1500 prisoners. Viktor Yanukovych freed only 6 people, despite having personal jail-time experience. The official statistics say Ukrainian jails currently contain nearly 1500 people sentenced to life. In average 50 new prisoners join them annually.


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