Dnipro police killing: Police officers' suspected killer remains in custody
Crime19:33 Sep. 28, 2016

Police officers' suspected killer remains in custody

Ukrainian police plan to implement stricter rules for the officers to protect them

Remanded in Custody for two months - this is the court verdict for Oleksandr Pugachov, the suspected killer of two police officers in Dnipro. Pugachov took part in a court hearing by skype from a hospital bed as he needed medical help a couple of hours after the shooting incident. One of the police officers managed to shoot the attacker before he was killed. So Pugachov, having a bullet in his stomach, went to a hospital. The suspected assailant is in good health and will soon be taken to prison.

After the two police officers brutal killing, national Police started a discussion on possible changes in regulations. Police head Khatia Dekanoidze says police rights must be expanded. Moreover, both police and citizens should have strict rules of engagement. Even word fights should be punished.

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Dekanoidze also wants to implement the presumption of rights of police officers and other rules - like prohibiting drivers from exiting the car when stopped by police.

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For now, these rules are not executed. Nevertheless, there is one important change: starting this week, bulletproof vests are obligatory to wear not just at night, but during all the shifts.

The incident took place on September 25, at 10 a.m., near the city railway station. A driver, who was stopped by Dnipro police patrol because of a traffic violation, killed one officer and injured the other, who later died in hospital. The driver then disappeared from the crime scene, also stealing a spare magazine from the officers. 

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