Personal camera footage of the killed officer revealed: Police reveal more details on the Dnipro police officers murder
Crime14:38 Sep. 26, 2016

Police reveal more details on the Dnipro police officers murder

Footage from the murdered officer's personal camera released

Ukraine's law enforcement agencies have provided additional details of the Dnipro patrol police incident, which happened in Dnipro on September 25. After the first investigation, testimonies of witnesses, CCTV cameras, video and footage from the officer's personal cameras, more circumstances revealed of that ill-fated situation.

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At 9:30 a.m. the patrol police officers stop the traffic violator near the city railway station.

Police: "You ran a red light. You turned right from Gorkyi street"
Violator: "Where? It was a green"
Police: "No, it was red"

The driver of the "Citroen" shows a document of a war veteran with the name of Oleksandr Puhachov. He even shows his scar from wartime injuries and begs not to punish him.

V: "Let's come to an agreement. I'm an ATO veteran. Commander, understand me"
P: "You should understand that running a red light is a very serious violation"

The policeman eventually takes his ID to check.

P: "Now we'll look through our database, to check that you are not on a wanted list"

At that time, Artem Kutushev's counterpart, Olha Makarenko, is standing nearby. For a very short while, she was distracted by talking to a stranger. As it's already known, she didn't turn on her personal camera. Artem gets into the patrol car to check the ID. Suddenly, the "Citroen" driver turns on Artem Kutushev brandishing a Makarov gun. He orders the policeman to give him his service gun.

V: "I told you once, I will shoot . Quickly!"
P: "Let me at least leave the car. I cannot reach my gun"

Artem Kutushev presses the alarm signal to his colleague. She draws her weapon, however, cannot prevent the tragedy from happening.

V: "Put your gun down! I will shoot him! ...Down!"

The gunman starts shooting at the officers. Artem Kutushev manages to return the shot before his death. The wounded killer grabs the patrol service gun and escapes.

"Tactically, they did everything right, because if they opened fire, there could have been many casualties", Volodymyr Bohonis, Head of Dnipro city patrol police, said.

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The suspect could be arrested in the afternoon. Police conducted a special operation near the building he lived in. As reported, he left home 15 minutes before the police arrived. Managing to change his appearance. In the suspect's apartment, police found wigs, fake mustaches, and makeup.

"We missed him literally by 15 minutes. He escaped not even having time to take his car because we were near it. I suggest he could see us from the window"Vadym Troyan, deputy head of Ukraine's National Police, said

The suspect turned out to be Oleksandr Puhachov, 33 years old. He went to a hospital with a gunshot wound to the stomach. As reported by the police he has been on the wanted list by Ukraine's law enforcement agencies since 2015 for a range of serious offences.

The gunman refuses to give testimonies and calls himself by a different name. However, fingerprint verification has already proven his identity. His fingerprints were on his criminal record from 2003. Then he was sentenced for selling narcotics. Though, the incriminating evidence on him killing two police officers, is a bullet in his body, taken out during surgery.

Neither the suspect's gun, nor the officer's have been found yet. More than 20 separate case files are scheduled to be held. If the suspect is found guilty of committing the crime, he will get a lifetime sentence.

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