Donbas war: Purging in Donbas: militant "interior minister" and "parliament speaker" arrested – journalist

19:38 Sep. 26, 2016

Purging in Donbas: militant "interior minister" and "parliament speaker" arrested – journalist

Armed Russian-backed separatists stand guard at the destroyed Donetsk International Airport, June 1, 2016 (Getty Images)

The wave of arrests caught separatist ‘ministers' and officials, some have been detained by FSB in Russia

The arrests of ‘top officials' in the Kremlin's ‘Luhansk people's republic' puppet state continue on an ever growing scale, Censor.NET reports, referring to journalist and blogger Denys Kazanskyi. He informs, activists of pro-Russian movements discuss reports about arrest of ‘LPR's' ‘interior minister' Igor Kornet and the ‘head of the National assembly' Alexei Karyakin.

The information about new arrests are still shaky, unlike the confirmed ‘suicide' of ‘LPR's' ex-‘prime minister' Tsypkalov. That caused today's rumors on death of local ‘republican' armed forces Vitaliy Kiselev, who later appeared to be alive, but in custody.

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"The information on the murder of Kiselev has not yet been confirmed. He was captured on camera today. However, he looked pretty cheerless and without his leather cap (his nickname is ‘Kommunist' (he always wore his leather cap with red star – UT). But other backbones of the ‘republic' have reportedly been arrested", Kazanskyi says.

He explains: "War correspondent for ‘DPR' Marina Kharkova told us about the other arrests. FSB detained fugitive Karyakin (ex-speaker of ‘Luhansk parliament' – UT) in Rostov. He was put on a wanted list by "LPR's Prosecutor General's Office" a few days ago. And judging by the mortality rate among other suspects in the ‘coup against Plotnitsky', I would not be surprised if this one will ‘hang himself' or die of ‘heart attack' soon. ‘LPR's' ex-Interior Minister Igor Kornet also being in custody".

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"Even the separatists are bug-eyed with surprise after these developments. It is clear for everyone that this is no war for ‘Novorossia' but a very bloody, and stupid infighting between yesterday's ‘heroes of Russian Spring" slaying each other without any hesitation," Denys Kazanskyi wrote in his blog.

As reported, Russian army colonel Osipov also became a victim of separatist showdown. One more militant leader, Evgeniy Zhilin, was killed near Moscow

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