Syrian war: Putin-Assad forces attacked town with ballistic missile – but missed

17:53 Nov. 8, 2016

Putin-Assad forces attacked town with ballistic missile – but missed

Assad army SS-21 raid on Aleppo in November, 2016 (by Julian Roepke / Twitter)

The Soviet-made rocket was fired on the town in 30 kilometres to South-West of Aleppo

"The town of Ma'arat al-Na'asan, 30 km S-W of Aleppo, was attacked (missed) by an Assad-Putin SS-21 ballistic missile overnight," political editor of German ‘Bild' Julian Roepke wrote today on Twitter. He also published the series of photos, which depict the members of Syrian volunteer civil defense organization ‘The White Helmets' are loading the remnants of the missile on the truck.


The pictures clearly show that the rocket is definitely the Soviet-made tactical ballistic missile OTR-21 ‘Tochka' (NATO reporting name SS-21 Scarab; GRAU designation 9K79) – f.e. by the look of its rudders, but gives no clue whether it was fired by Putin's of Assad's forces. Also the information circulated this year of Hezbollah was given heavy weapons to fight in support the Assad forces in Syria.



This is not the first time this kind of weapon has been used in Syria, but it was told to be fired by Assadite "Syrian Arab Army". In December 2014 Assad forces fired at least one ‘Tochka' against the insurgents during the battle of Wadi al-Deif in Idlib province. On 26 April 2016 the Syrian Army fired a ‘Tochka' at opposition forces in the Syrian Civil Defense Center in west Aleppo.



On 14 June 2016 the Syrian Army fired a ‘Tochka' against Islamists groups Al-Rahman Legion and Jaysh Al-Fustat in Eastern Ghouta province.

As reported, Syrian army advances in Aleppo key district, and this type of action keeps claiming infant lives. In Saturday at least 11 civilians have been killed and another 25 injured after Russian aviation shelled parachute bombs in Aleppo.

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