Sushchenko will not recognize his guilt incriminated by Russia: Roman Sushchenko arrested in Moscow said he is not guilty
Crime15:08 Oct. 3, 2016

Roman Sushchenko arrested in Moscow said he is not guilty

Prosecution accusations will be announced to him on Friday

Ukrainian journalist Roman Sushchenko, detained in Russia's capital for alleged spying, doesn't recognize his guilt. Such information has been confirmed by his lawyer Mark Feygin, who finally managed to see Sushchenko yesterday evening.

Mark Feygin was trying to get in to his client for the whole day yesterday. He appealed to FSB to give him immediate access to Sushchenko's case and sent a request to the Lefortovo detention facility.

He was allowed to have a meeting with Sushchenko for only 15 minutes. Within that time, the arrested Ukrainian signed a contract with the lawyer and thanked everyone for their support. The journalist is optimistic and wants, as the quotation reads, "to fight for his fair name in a court".

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It is expected that the prosecution will deliver the charges to him on Friday.

Mark Feygin, Sushchenko's lawyer: Nobody hit him or even touched him. They were trying to persuade him to agree to what they incriminate him, otherwise, they will imprison him. It's absurd, and from what I saw it cannot be a reason for this criminal case.

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