Ilya Bogdanov: Russia allegedly tried to kill ex-FSB officer, who'd joined Ukraine

10:56 Nov. 19, 2016

Russia allegedly tried to kill ex-FSB officer, who'd joined Ukraine

SBU chief Vasyl Hrytsak (L), ex-FSB officer Ilya Bogdanov (C) and Ukraine's Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko (UNIAN Photo)

Ilya Bogdanov was rescued by SBU after he was reported missing 

Former Russia's FSB officer, who had joined Ukraine during the war, held a press briefing in Kyiv on November 18, following his alleged kidnapping by pro-Russian criminals. This is according to UNIAN. 

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In his statement, Ilya Bogdanov shared details on his captivity, praising his rescue as a victory for Ukraine's security service, the SBU.

‘I heard their conversation between the GRU officers (Main Intelligence Office of Russia - UT) and this Sasha (alleged kidnapper - UT), how happy they were to catch me.  Then when they gave a command to kill me. I was sitting nearby and observing the doers. I realized they would really kill me. On the other hand, proud that the SBU worked that well', Bogdanov told journalists.

The former FSB officer was reported missing on November 12. Six days later the SBU said it arrested his kidnappers, who turned out to be a group of Ukrainian citizens. The group was acting on  orders from Russia, the SBU chief Vasyl Hrytsak said in a statement.

‘It was the second attempt to kidnap and kill. In February 2015 we thwarted such an attempt, arrested a killer, who in October 2015 was sentenced to 8.5 years in prison and is now serving his time', Hrytsak said, adding the hitman was recruited by an FSB officer in Russia's Belgorod.

Hrytsak said, Bogdanov had decided to fight for Ukraine, and ‘the Russians don't forgive such decisions'.

Bogdanov, 28, was a regular officer of the Russian FSB special service. In 2014, amid the Russian assault on Donbas, he defected to Ukraine, joined the Right Sector volunteer battalion and got involved in combat against the combined Russian-separative troops. 

In 2015, he left the Ukrainian battalion and settled down in Kyiv. Later he became one of the few Russian nationals fighting in Donbas to obtain Ukrainian citizenship.

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