Escalation in Donbass: Russia ordered to 'kill the Minsk agreements' – Ukrainian intelligence

14:51 Aug. 26, 2016

Russia ordered to 'kill the Minsk agreements' – Ukrainian intelligence

Russian heavy artillery (Social media)

Kremlin initiates the massive army training ‘Caucasus-2016' and intensifies Minsk agreements violations in Donbas, using banned heavy weapons

The General Staff of the Russian Army started preparations for the strategic military training ‘Caucasus-2016' on its own territory and actually ordered to 'shoot the Minsk agreements' in Donbas, Ukrainian military intelligence states in its today's report.

This is their appraisal on yesterday's heavy shelling of Ukraine-controlled village of Arkhanhelske with banned by the Minsk agreements 152-mm artillery systems.

Such action is aimed to cause maximum losses of Ukrainian forces, civilian population and the destruction of infrastructure – Intelligence stresses.

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Ukrainian military are deeply concerned with sudden inspection of combat and mobilization readiness of the Russian Armed Forces near Ukrainian border on 25-31 August on the orders of Vladimir Putin.

The training involves up to 100 thousand of Russian soldiers, more than 10 thousand pieces of weapon and military equipment, 60 ships and 400 planes and helicopters. Sudden checking of combat readiness of the Russian Armed Forces is the final stage of preparation to the strategic command-staff exercises ‘Caucasus-2016', especially the Southern Military District (Rostov-on-Don). Ukrainian military intelligence warns, that the stated purpose of the exercises can be modified supreme military and political leadership of Russiby Kremlin at any time and may be used for further escalation of the conflict in Donbas.  

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Under the disguise of training activities, Russian command works on increasing the quantity of troops on the southwestern direction in the vicinity of the Ukrainian borders, Intelligence states. It includes sending to the militants-controlled territories of the eastern Ukraine additional units of the Russian Federal Service for National Guard troops.

Also yesterday Russia's next convoy containing unknown cargo rolled into Ukraine.


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