Russia is a shelter for Ukrainian criminals: Russia turns into ‘offshore criminal haven' – Ukrainian police official

16:59 Sep. 20, 2016

Russia turns into ‘offshore criminal haven' – Ukrainian police official

Pro-Russian militant with criminal tattoos detained in Donbas (Photo by

Ukrainian criminals try to hide from justice on Russian soil or occupied territories

The head of Ukrainian National Police Department of Donetsk region Vyacheslav Abroskin reported the new trend among local criminals: after committing the crime they are trying to hide from persecution in the Crimea and the Russian Federation.

Abroskin specified: only during the last week two resonant murders were committed in the Donetsk region: a woman was raped and killed in Avdiyivka and a caretaker of one of the enterprises killed in Kramatorsk.

"Both cases are notable for the fact that killers were quickly identified and then arrested at the checkpoints (on the delimitation line with the militant-held territory – UT) as a result of coordinated work of criminalists and police forces. Both criminals were planning to travel by bus to Moscow," he wrote on Facebook.

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Abroskin added: "Criminals of Donetsk region having committed crimes in our territory, seeking salvation from the punishment in the expanses of Russia. For our criminals Russian Federation is a kind of "offshore criminal haven", where you can escape from punishment and be sure that they will not be given over to Ukrainian justice. But that's only for the time being".

For almost nine months this year Ukrainian police investigated 125 homicides in the Donetsk region, 4 of them were committed on the territory of the region occupied by Russian proxies. In 107 cases suspects identified and arrested, Abroskin said.

As reported, Pro-Russian militant leader from Eastern Ukraine was shot dead near Moscow.

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