New escalation in Donbas: "Russian ceasefire" in Donbas: militants use even heavier artillery, Ukraine suffer new losses

16:51 Sep. 14, 2016

"Russian ceasefire" in Donbas: militants use even heavier artillery, Ukraine suffer new losses

Giatsint-B 152mm towed field gun in action reportedly near Krasnohorivka, Donetsk region (Photo by

Ukrainian official confirms using the heaviest weapon of current ‘ceasefire' by Russian proxies – 152 mm cannons ‘Giatsint-B'

One Ukrainian soldier killed in action, another wounded in Donbas eastern Ukraine, within the past day, speaker for Anti-Terrorist Operation issues Col. Andriy Lysenko said. He specified, the incident happened in the village of Zaitseve, which was shelled by Kremlin proxies with Giatsint B, 152 mm heavy towed field guns. Zaitseve was hit by almost 100 shells, speaker says.

Lysenko stressed, that despite militant leaders' declaration about ceasefire from September 15, fighting in Donbas has only escalated, and Russian proxies actively use heavy weapons, banned by the Minks agreements and current ceasefire conditions.

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The worst situation was in the Donetsk sector, where militants used heavy weapons along the entire frontline. The hottest spot was the village of Luhanske, hit by 200 mines of heavy mortars. The industrial zone of the town of Avdiyivka suffered a five hour long shelling with what appeared to be all their available weapons. Among total 37 barrages reported in Donetsk sector in the past day 19 commenced with the use of heavy weapons, speaker say.

In general Kremlin-backed separatists dramatically increased the number of ‘ceasefire' attacks in Donbas up to 56 per day. the situation heats up amid the announcement of the ceasefire by the heads of the self-proclaimed separatist 'republics'. They claim they have 'always been committed to the Minsk peace agreements.'

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