Ceasefire and new new attacks in Donbas: 'Russian Ceasefire': Militants attack Mariupol sector, using heavy weapons

13:04 Sep. 7, 2016

'Russian Ceasefire': Militants attack Mariupol sector, using heavy weapons

Russian-controlled militants fire mortar rounds toward Ukrainian positions, Donetsk region, eastern Ukraine. (AP Photo)

Sixth day of the "ceasefire" in Donbas: Russian proxies commence 21 attacks

The headquarters of the Ukrainian Anti-Terrorist Operation forces reported 21 attacks committed by Russian proxies during last 24 hours. Largest part of fire raids was noted in the Mariupol sector, where the combined Russian-separatist forces commenced 15 attacks, resuming their use of heavy 120 mm mortars.  

According to the press center of ATO, Russian-controlled forces also attacked Ukrainian army positions in the Donetsk and Luhansk sectors – three fire raids were noted in each of them. Report adds: "For the morale and psychological pressure on the ATO units, the enemy used sniper groups and small arms near the town of Maryinka (town near Donetsk – UT)." 

Also, the Ukrainian soldiers spotted a Russian UAV on aerial reconnaissance mission over government forces' positions near the town of Novoazovsk.

"Despite provocative actions of the militants, the Armed Forces of Ukraine unswervingly adhere to the Minsk agreements," the HQ stressed.

Yesterday the Ukrainian army reported, that militants continue shelling Ukrainian positions in Donbas. The Special Services in turn found Another cache of Russia-made weapons near the frontline.

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